Review by Adamya Manshiva

Adamya Manshiva

Team adventis deserves all the positive reviews it is getting. My mother had an enlarged thyroid with tumor operated out of her neck. We were very fearful of the situation. However Doctor Ameet Kishore was very nice and understanding. He took time to explain to us about the situation. He understood our limitations and was very accommodating in getting us the best possible care.

Shyam from the clinic was very proactive and was with us every step of the way. He would always keep in touch and get our doubts or apprehensions cleared.

I would also like to mention Dr Sharad and Dr Ashwani who are both really nice and have a great humour. They engage with patients as if they are their own. The surgery done on my mother’s neck was done so well that I can hardly make out the scar only after one week of operation.

I am deeply grateful to this team of doctors and would blindly recommend them.


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