My Stapedectomy Journey

My Stapedectomy Journey

My name is Prem Prakash; aged about 42 years and I am staying in Delhi NCR.

I first observed myself that something is wrong with my hearing when I was about 15-16 years old, however, at this age, I was simply ignoring it.

At the age of 24, I went to an ENT doctor who diagnosed with Conductive Hearing deafness. He advised me to wear a hearing aid. Since I was a young smart boy, the idea of wearing hearing aid was not appealing to me at all. I was afraid what will my peers will say? I did nothing and remained as it is. I got married at the age of 28, I shared this thing to my wife that I am suffering from conductive hearing loss but clearly told her my reservations about hearing aid.

Creeping Impact on Life

The journey of life was going on ……..the loss has started increasing….it was coming in the way of my career……….. I was losing good career opportunities…now I was usually avoiding people whose voice is slow, I was not able to hear whisper, was not properly responding  ……..people started saying that either I am an absent-minded person or I am very introvert kind person.

I once again decided to consult a very senior doctor when I was 37 years old; after the initial examination, he got my PTA done. He advised me either I can go for hearing aid or I may opt for surgery – stapedectomy. He enumerated me on the risks associated with the surgery. With the invent of information technology accessing the information on anything has become easy so I started browsing on the net regarding the information on hearing loss and trying to convince myself. PTA revealed that there is mixed hearing loss, I thought even if opt for surgery, it would not completely solve my problem, as on being successful it would only take care of the conductive loss part. Since I was the sole earning member of my family, the risks associated with the stape surgery were not permitting me to opt for surgery. Every two-three months I was consulting with ENT surgeons… I have consulted as many doctors as many I could lay hands on. I have never been hospitalized in my life, so I was terrified about the surgery. Even thought of spending a night in a hospital was not less than a horror story for me.

Acquaintance With Miracle

On 29th Jan 2013, I met Dr. (Prof.) Ameet Kishore at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, again the same kind of tests, diagnosis and options either Hearing Aid or Surgery. I raised my apprehensions on the surgery, he explained to me it is a safe procedure with a fairly good chance of success, and yes, of course, associated risks are also there. I made my further doubts to clear by his assistant Dr. Suresh Singh. Since this otosclerosis deceased has affected my both the ears; still left ear was slightly better than the right ear. The doctor advised me if I opt for surgery, they should operate the right ear first as it is poor. It has been 4 and a half years since I could not opt for surgery, but I finally decided that I will go for surgery and I opted for surgery on 2nd March 2013.

My surgery was scheduled for 2nd March 2013, on 1st March 2013 at 8.00 pm Dr. Ameet Kishore called me over the phone and explained to me that I have to reach the hospital by 9.00 AM, I should wake up early and have my light breakfast because I will not be permitted to eat drink thereafter. I will be operated around 11.00 AM and at night I may go back to my home.

The Day of Surgery

On 2nd March 2013, I woke up at 5.00 AM, after having my bath I had a cup of tea with one biscuit and one bread piece. We reached the hospital at scheduled time, by the time paper formalities, etc are completed I was feeling thirsty, since I was restricted by the Doctor not eat or drink anything, I made a request for small amount of water, as there was time in operation so he allowed me to have small amount of water once only.

I was admitted to the hospital and taken to the daycare room. My some initial tests were performed by nursing staff. Then I was taken to the Operation Theatre around 12.00 noon. I already had read much information and seen various PPTs and recorded operations of stapedectomy; I had the idea that how I will be operated and what exactly will be done at what point of time during operation. Even then I was nervous and remembering the almighty God for his grace.

I was now on the operation table; Dr. Suresh repeated my name, nature of the operation, ear to be operated, etc and sought my affirmations. My face was covered and for my smooth breathing oxygen pipes were given in my nostrils, Operation begun, step by step things were going on, I was trying to co-relate stages of operation with what exactly was going on, at one stage I found myself completely disconnected, I think that was the stage when bone was removed for insertion of piston. Then I felt that now the piston is being fixed.

I heard that Dr. Ameet has called my name “Mr. Prem Prakash”; I replied “yes”, Dr. Ameet said I will state few numbers and I have to repeat them, I said ok. He stated “seventy-two”, I repeated, he again quoted Forty-four, I repeated. Then he said that now he will state few numbers in whisper mode and I have to repeat them. He stated and I repeated. 

Dr. Ameet told me that since I have been to repeat the numbers stated by him in whisper mode, my hearing is improved. I thanked. Then they completed the rest of the procedure. They shifted me to the recovery room; they advised me to lie in a particular position so that the operated ear is on the upside. Around 4.00 pm they shifted me to my room, I was conscious and happy after reaching back to my room, and had a cup of tea. After some time I also had Lunched, though it was around 5.00 pm. I asked my wife to take me to the toilet. I changed my clothes. I was lying on the bed and my wife and other friend went to complete the discharge formalities. The doctor came, he prescribed few medicines, gave words of caution like not to lift the weight, sneeze with open mouth. Cold should not happen, no constipation, etc for at least 15 days. Finally, at 9.30 pm I reached my home, had dinner but now I was feeling fever and weakness. I took medicines, picked up my mobile, wrote thanks message to Dr. Ameet, Dr. Suresh and my friends and went to sleep.

Next day morning, I had light breakfast, read the newspaper and watch TV.  Phones were coming from near and dears I was attending the phone from my left ear. No problem. Then enjoyed the day sleep, I passed the first day with mild pain in the operated ear, fever also I was feeling some difficulty in speaking.

The Day of Excitement

Finally, the day came when my bandage was to be removed; I was so excited as it was most awaited thing that was going to happen. Oh yes….it has improved, everything seemed to be different but louder but not clear. Dr. Ameet wrote few medicines, ear drops, advised me to use a Vaseline coated cotton ball in the ear while bathing, I thanked him. This first day has been very amazing… I was wondering how noisy the surroundings are. Toilet flush, Call bell, Horn, Car engine, TV, Kitchen utensils, Mixer, anything what so ever is coming in front of me differed from had it been before, so noisy.

After a couple of days, I joined back my office; I was once again wondering why people speaking so loudly in my office. I was thanking the almighty God for his kindness on me. It has been 15 days now, Dr. Ameet examined me and found healing well. He advised me to come after a month.

On 19th March 2013 exactly on the 17th Day of my surgery I observed that I am caught In viral fever and cold. My nose was stuffy, and I was sneezing. Since morning I felt that my hearIng Is getting down, I tried to speak to Dr. Suresh, he told me he will prescrIbe some medIcIne. Around 12.00 noon my hearing was gettIng down hour by hour…..It is shocking to me…I was very nervous, upset remembering God for mercy…I could not understand what Is happening to me…I again contacted Dr. Ameet and Dr. Suresh…wrote SMS…..It was getting poorer and poorer…I was crying….anyhow I took my lunch at 2.30 pm…….by 5.00 pm hearIng was completely gone from the operated ear…I was not able to hear anything…..I finally wrote an SMS to Dr. Ameet stating the fact.

Finally, the phone came from Dr. Ameet, he explains to me over the phone that there is no precedent of this nature, there may be something else, maybe swelling, I was crying …my tears were rolling down and uncontrollable ……. he advised me to come to him next day morning and meanwhile take the medicine. I was crushing myself for such a foolIsh decision of surgery……I took medicines and nasal drops at 10.15 PM…….I tried to sleep…… but I was so scared … could I sleep….how will I spent the rest of the lIfe…Oh my God……. with these thoughts I fall asleep……suddenly around 2.30 AM I realised that hearing Is coming back In the operated ear…I went to toilet …yes…It was better than…..My nose was also better…..again I was wondering ……It was now 4.00 AM …

Next day I.e. 20th March 2013, I reached to Dr. Ameet…..yes…I was feeling better…..he got my PTA done….. he told me this was because of cold and fever, and allergy….he told me not to worry. Within two-three days my hearIng was back…It started to recovering. Since then, I went to Doctor for periodical examinatIon.

6th September 2013, there has been six months since they operated me on 2nd March 2013, It was my final visit to Dr. Ameet, and he got my PTA done. Everything was fIne. I thanked him.

I am grateful to Dr. Ameet Kishore and his team for my successful stapedectomy.

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