What to Expect at First Hearing Test?

hearing test

Are you planning for a hearing test? Are you worried about how the doctor will perform a hearing test? Do not worry. In the post, we will answer all frequently asked questions on what to expect at the first hearing test?

If you are new to the topic we will start with the basics. What is a hearing test? A hearing test is a routine investigation at Adventis ENT Clinic. Many beginners to ENT specialist ask why they should get a hearing test. There is nothing to worry about. A hearing test is a common service to evaluate patients hearing conditions. Specifically, in newborn babies where early intervention is very important.

However, before you get into the subject you should exactly know what you’re getting into. So that as you arrive at the hearing test you are relaxed and well-prepared in advance. This will help the ENT doctor to precisely diagnose the problem.

Whether you have an upcoming hearing test or considering to schedule an appointment. We will walk you through the complete procedure.

Why Do You Need a Hearing Test?

1 out of every 5 people have hearing loss. Majority of the people do not realise they have hearing problems. Now it’s easy to check hearing problems. Some people suspect that they have hearing loss. While many trouble to hear people talk to them when they are in a noisy place. While some raise the volume of the TV high. These are symptoms that should not be ignored. If you are among these individuals, you should immediately refer to ENT doctor.

Hearing loss is a gradual process. It can take years for an individual to identify hearing loss. That is why it is important to consider an ear check regularly.

Some common hearing loss causes in adults are:

  • Hereditary problem – family history of hearing problem
  • Getting hit on the head
  • Having an ear infection
  • Loud music
  • Taking certain drugs
  • Working in a noisy environment
  • Ageing factor

These are a few general causes of hearing loss. People who do not address the issue and suffer from severe hearing loss are more likely to feel left out during social events. Because they cannot hear what’s happening in the surrounding. They may neglect meeting family and friends as they feel embarrassed that they cannot hear them significantly. Nevertheless, isolation often makes people depressed until they help for hearing loss problem.

What To Expect At Hearing Test Appointment?

As you make to the hearing appointment, you will be welcomed at the front desk. The supervisors at the ENT clinic will take your details including personal and professional information. Once the ENT doctor is ready for you, you will sit in the office. An expert ENT doctor will ask you a range of questions to get a better understanding of current concerns and health situation.

It is advisable to bring the medical and family history of hearing loss at the clinic. Or if you are taking any prescribed medication currently. An ENT doctor will ask several questions about your lifestyle and occupation. All the information provided by the patients is used by the doctor to obtain risk factor. Thereby, provide an accurate diagnosis of potential hearing loss and the cause. The doctor will then advise the appropriate hearing tests which will be carried out by a trained audiologist in a sound-treated room.

How Hearing Loss Test is Performed?

Diagnosis for hearing loss is a 30-minute painless procedure. Although, the procedure may differ in adults and newborn babies. In the majority of the cases, adults are asked to wear earphones and listen to short tones. The test is known as the Pure ToneAudiogram test. The tones are played at a different pitch from loud, medium to low. Moreover, the sound is played in both ears. Your response to sounds is tested to identify the exact hearing problem. Whether you can hear a high pitch or low pitch sounds, loud or quiet sounds or whether you can hear from the left ear or right ear.

Every hearing test is conducted to diagnose core problems. Sometimes we may ask for a Speech Audiogram as well.You will be asked to listen to different words played at varying volumes and repeated into one ear at a time. The speech is played in both ears using earphones or speakers, performed in a quiet room. Since some patients may have trouble understanding speech, especially in noise.

Another is Ear pressure test – performed by a doctor. The core purpose of the tests to identify how eardrum performance in reaction to noises in terms of air level. The ear pressure test is conducted is two ways. The doctor will use any of the tests depending on the patient’s circumstances.

The way methods to perform ear pressure test are tympanometry and acoustic reflex thresholds. Both procedures are performed together. This includes placing a device on an ear tip inside the ears. Then the machine plays a sound that gets progressively louder. The patient will feel pressure in the ear as this happens. The test does not cause any discomfort or pain. But the patient may experience some level of ear sensation just like when flying in an aeroplane.

What After Hearing Test?

Once all the hearing test is performed, the audiologist and doctor will share the reports. With the audiogram, the doctor will effectively diagnose hearing loss as well as the severity level. This activity will help to specify the cause. If you are suffering from any hearing loss, the doctor will guide you to the preferred treatment options. The ENT specialist may suggest you seek further review with the audiologist/  hearing care specialist. Otherwise, they will advise the best solution for the hearing problem in the future.

If you have any questions about the hearing test or you are new to hearing problems. Feel free to talk to our ENT consultant at Adventis – Advanced Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist.

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