Important Facts to Learn About Cochlear Implant Surgery

facts about cochlear implant

You might call it “bionic ear”, a cochlear implant that offers hope to restore the hearing ability for people with significant hearing loss. Discover important facts about the Cochlear implant and what to expect at the Adventis ENT clinic.

Cochlear Implant treatment requires an experienced Cochlear Implant team approach to provide the best results for the patient. The ENT surgery team of Adventis ENT Clinic works closely with its partner team of Audiologists and Speech therapists at SpHear Speech and Hearing Clinics. Together they ensure that recipients of Hearing and Cochlear Implants get the best benefit of their treatment.

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A Cochlear Implant is a surgically implanted electronic device to provide a person with severe to profound hearing loss a modified sense of sound. The device bypasses electric signals from the inner ear to stimulate sound in the auditory nerve. A cochlear implant enhances the quality of sound and improves the ability to understand speech. 

The device uses advanced technology to help people with profound hearing loss to regain the confidence to attend a social gathering, have a great conversation with family & friends, and overall to live a fuller life.

Let’s discuss the working of the Cochlear Implant.

How does a Cochlear Implant work? 

Knowing how Cochlear Implant works offers a better understanding to use and manage the device. The cochlear implant uses electrical signals to replace the function of the inner ear and stimulate the auditory nerve. As the nerve stimulates, it sends a signal immediately to the brain. Cochlear Implant Surgery treatment allows the user to recognize emitted sounds. Here how it works: 

  • There are two parts to the cochlear implant device. An internal cochlear implant that is placed surgically, and an externally worn speech processor.
  • A microphone in the speech processor picks up sound
  • The processor analyses sound and convert it into electric signals containing information to determine how much current is needed to be sent to the internal cochlear implant.  
  • The electrodes of the internal cochlear implant are placed in the inner ear (cochlea) and stimulate the auditory nerve endings. Whereas the current measure loudness and the electrodeposition determine the sound pitch. 
  • The auditory nerve endings in the inner ear stimulate to send a message to the brain.
  • Then, the brain interprets sound letting person to hear.

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How is the Cochlear implant procedure done?

Cochlear implant procedure takes up to 2 hours performed under general anesthesia. The ENT Surgeon drills a 3 to 4-millimeter bed in the temporal bone of the skull and secures the device over the skull under the skin. The wire containing the electrode is inserted through a window of the cochlea into the cochlear spiral. The wound is then closed with absorbable stitches. 

What to expect after Cochlear implant surgery?

Your ENT doctors will advise that the patient may be discharged from the hospital the next day post cochlear implant surgery. Although, the patient is required to wear a dressing over the implant for the next three days. The patient may want to rest for a few days while ENT specialist may suggest medication to reduce the mild to moderate pain. 

About 2 to 3 weeks post cochlear implant surgery, the cochlear implant Audiologist will activate the sound and speech processor device for the patient by programming and fine-tuning it to the individual’s hearing needs. Nowadays, people with hearing loss in both ears can also have a cochlear implant in both ears at the same time. This is a great advancement as it requires only one surgery.


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