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An oesophagoscopy test is performed by our Otolaryngologists and pediatric otolaryngologists specialist who is an expert in treating conditions of ears, nose, and throat. It is an endoscopy procedure that does not require an incision. It is a quick and safe procedure to examine the problem of the oesophagus (food pipe) in patients.

What is an esophagoscopy?

The oesophagus is a muscular tube connecting the mouth to your stomach in the upper gastrointestinal tract. It is also called the food pipe. An Oesophagoscopy (also known as esophagoscopy) test allows an ENT doctor to examine the inside of the oesophagus. The test involves the use of a long time instrument called an endoscope with an attached light and camera to the end. The camera helps transmit pictures of the inside of the oesophagus to a video screen. The oesophagoscopy test helps doctors to diagnose and treat oesophageal disorders like swallowing difficulty, blood vomiting, upper abdominal pain, and regurgitation.


  • Minimal invasive
  • Quick recovery
  • Low-risk complications

Why is this procedure used?

Our ENT doctor may advise you to perform an Oesophagoscopy test to diagnose a possible condition related to oesophagus or throat. This include:

  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Vomiting blood
  • Nausea
  • Acid reflux
  • Oesophagal varices
  • Chronic cough or harness
  • Barrett’s oesophagus
  • Injury or trauma in the oesophagus
  • Cancer, mass or tumour

Types of Esophagoscopy we perform

The different esophagoscopy test available at Adventis Clinic includes:

  • Flexible Oesophagoscopy: It is performed by inserting a thin flexible endoscope through the mouth into the oesophagus.
  • Transnasal Flexible Oesophagoscopy: It is a widely used test that reduces diagnostic delays. The test involves an interesting thin, flexible tube through the nose down the throat and oesophagus.
  • Rigid oesophagoscopy: This test involves the use of a rigid tubular-shaped rod with a built-in carrier which is inserted through the nose and down the throat and oesophagus. Rigid oesophagoscopy is carried out under general anaesthesia.

How to Prepare for the test?

Your doctor will advise you to prepare for the esophagoscopy test by doing the following

  • Don’t drink or eat for about 6 to 8 hours before the test
  • Consult with your doctor if you’re on a certain medication
  • Take your family or friends to drive or walk you to the procedure

What to expect during the Procedure?

The oesophagoscopy procedure varies depending on their type. The test can take   1 to 3 hours. Most times, we allow the patient to go home on the same day. During the esophagoscopy test, the doctor uses anaesthesia to numb the area. Then the doctor inserts an endoscope gentle through the nose or through the mouth into the oesophagus.

With the help of a tool (forceps or hollow suction tube), the doctor may take a tissue sample, remove any blockage or a mass.

After the procedure, you may feel drowsy, sore, bloated, or abdominal cramping for a few hours or days. The doctor may advise medication if you have symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headache, chest pain, fever or congestion.

Oesophagoscopy is a safe procedure performed under the ENT surgeon at Adventis. Contact Adventis ENT & Cochlear Implant clinic for more information or to schedule an appointment for an esophagoscopy test in Delhi.

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